Why Consult us?

We are a socioeconomic advisory firm delivering cost-effective consulting and business development advice. Multidisciplinary services are rendered at local and regional levels. We bring together international professionals, many members possess over 10 years of development and private sector experience.

MOST MEMBERS are particularly knowledgeable of agricultural value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa, and have covered key Mozambique provinces such as Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane, Sofala, Manica, Tete, Zambezia, Nampula, Cabo Delgado and Niassa. Focus is to put clients’ solutions first and meet targets in a customized manner.

CLIENTS ARE PARTNERS. We tailor and deploy our skills to best serve your needs. We identify key performance indicators and guide you to streamline investments, target potential, and use risk mitigation strategies. Our style is backed with sound analysis. Service is grounded in a quantitative approach, complemented with a conceptual view to each new task.

Our Services:


A major priority for the Mozambican government is to invest in agricultural development. To strengthen the agriculture sector the ConsultUs’ team brings on board the right combination of skills to strengthen your

  • Value Chain Analysis and Development
  • Pre/Feasibility study
  • Agribusiness Assessments and Development
  • Out grower production development
  • Agribusiness client targeting


Both public and private sector clients strive for quality management skills. ConsultUs accommodates you to prepare and deliver the necessary outcomes with,

  • Financial Advice
  • Technical Support
  • Project Design


The local and regional business environment increasingly demands higher quality working standards. ConsultUs has a solid skills base with unique tools to fine tune such growth needs.

  • Sector and market Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Entrepreneurship Advice
  • Account Management Advice


Development work has become all encompassing and multilayered. To track progress and measure impacts we are specialized to develop clear outcomes and long term impacts. We do,

  • Training
  • Design M&E Systems and Frameworks
  • Rapid Emergency Assessments
  • Surveys


As our milieu/environment is rapidly changing, we confront new and complex problems. We, as development practioners, are also ready to address topics of:

  • Rural Development
  • Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender awareness
  • Food Security and Nutrition
  • Climate change issues – Climate smart agriculture
  • Social Security